Book of Memories for Eileen Hickey Book of Memories for Eileen Hickey Recent updates for the Book of Memories Frontrunner Professional Book of Memories V4 en-gb Story shared: Unforgettable Eileen and I chatted often by phone. She loved to reminice about old times and she loved to laugh.Eileen was completely devoted to Vince, my brother, and her children.She was the essence of mother love. I could never forget Eileen.


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Condolence From Larry Kelly Condolences Mon, 07 Mar 2022 19:21:10 EST Story shared: Love is all there is. I always saw my dear brother, Vincent, and his adored Eileen as two love birds.

The love they shared was poured out to their children -- Jerome, Kenny, Jacqueline, and Todd.

That kind of love is contageous. I know because I received it from them too, and will always love their children because of it.

My prayers are with you Jerome & Dianne; Ken & Nancy; and you, Todd.

Aunt Maudie.

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Condolence From Michel M. Deschamps Condolences Sun, 06 Mar 2022 12:12:30 EST Condolence From Barb (Hickey) Lynch Condolences Sun, 06 Mar 2022 11:16:43 EST Photo shared: Ilene & Vincent Hickey.jpg

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